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TherAir - Professional Model

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Singlet Oxygen Therapy Activated Air Treatment

Singlet oxygen consists of an oxygen molecule containing more energy that the oxygen we usually breathe. Plants, through the process of photosynthesis (sunlight & chlorophyll), produce singlet oxygen in the environment.

TherAir converts normal air oxygen into singlet oxygen. The main effects of singlet oxygen energy on human beings are:

  • Powerful reduction of the production of free radicals
  • Detoxification
  • High energy production, better performance, more ATP
  • Reduction of cholesterol, triglycerids and uric acid

A variety of illnesses can be treated with this therapy such as COPD, asthma, emphysema, heart conditions, neurological diseases, various bowel disorders, allergy, arthritis, and cancer. TherAir produces the activated oxygen for inhalation and drinking of activated water.

This natural, non-invasive therapy can be used in children and any person who wishes to improve both their physical and mental condition.

Every disease is the result of energetic disturbances or normal (age-related) reduction of energy processing and delivery in the human system particular in Mitochondrial disfunction. From the perspective of bio-physics, humans consist of 80 to 120 trillion cells (all have electrical or battery like function) that consume energy and require subsequent recharging. Every second of our lives 250 million cells are destroyed and almost as many are renewed. There are enormous processes taking place in our bodies which, under normal circumstances occur. Until somethings go awry in the process, imbalances occur and over time dysfunction and ultimately symptoms and disease becomes prevalent. Recently, medical science was still of the opinion that the genes we inherit determine our life. We now know that 90 % of the quality of our life is influenced by the environment our biome and and micro-biome.

Bruce H. Lipton: How Your Beliefs Control Your Biology Dr. Zack Bush

Generally speaking, medicine today still assumes that the oxygen in the air we breathe plays the dominant role in overall health and viability. All cellular metabolic processes in the human body and their energy production (ATP) are dependent on oxygen (O2).

We discovered during the medical science research in the 60’s, when the superpowers were racing to have the safest and most sustainable Space program, that we breathe Atmosphere which mostly consists of O2 and water. The Russians employed earths ideal atmospheric conditions and were able to have cosmonauts stay in space for one and half years.

The Air we breathe is very polluted with particulates and in some cases heavy metals. Recently, science has discovered that chemicals like Glyphosate’s have been found. Many health providers believe that this is a contributing influence to the accelerated health trends in chronic disease.

The polluted ambient atmosphere in our cities and industrial areas of today, has effected our bodies ability to absorb the proper levels of Oxygen and inhibits the disposal of Co2, thusly contributing to Oxidative Stress, premature aging and physiological imbalance and disease.

The Solution - TherAir

  • Has a unique air filtration system
  • Has specialized Infrared photon energy
  • Has patented 2 and 4 catalysts configurations
  • Has FDA device listings
  • Comes complete with enough supplies to operate
  • Has intensity controls
  • Emits Concentrated Energized Breathable Atmosphere Essential component for every clinic

TherAir- Restructures the Water, conditions and Hydrolyzes the air. Photo-electrically charged water molecules in the air, infused with the help of oxygen, known as “EZ water”, provide our body with more than 2,000 times the energy that is contained in normal water, thus considerably more biologically active. Therein lies the secret of the health- promoting properties of “forest air”. The positive effects on our body last for three to five days and protect us from all negative environmental influences This makes TherAir a device that is essential to most natural healing Protocols.

TherAir structured water - restructured Air

Under normal circumstances, water is usually energized naturally by two processes before it is released into the atmosphere. At first, by turbulences in streams and rivers (Vortex); and secondly, by natural thermal radiation of the sun (infrared rays). Scientist Professor Gerald H. Pollack succeeded in proving the existence of a special form of water molecules under natural conditions, which play a dominant role as energy sources in all known biological processes. H2O becomes H3O2+ – which are the driving force behind catalysis (i.e., gas exchange in the lungs), is activated by a charged air and water molecules.

The core Bio-Physical essence of TherAir. Within the device, the specific frequencies of Infrared light activate the hydrolyzed oxygen, thus transferring the impactful energy to the water and the air and thereby restructuring it.
Engineers following nature, have succeeded in developing a device that replicates those naturally occurring processes and transforms the low-energy and polluted ambient atmosphere in which most of us live today, into clean, high-energy breathing air.