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Order 6 Zoomer tests + one of the following Food Additives, Food Sensitivity 1 or Food Sensitivity 2

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In stock
Fulfilled by ADHD Thrive Institute - this item will arrive in a separate shipment.

We recommend starting with Wheat Zoomer and adding any of the additional 10 Food Zoomers for any foods that you:
Eat frequently
Think may be potentially inflammatory to you
The Wheat Zoomer has been validated at 99% specificity and sensitivity.

*If your gluten-free lifestyle has been successful, a test for antibodies to peptides of gluten should come back negative. However, we have found that 90% of people on a gluten-free diet still will have antibodies to peptides of gluten or wheat or marker of intestinal permeability on the Wheat Zoomer. This critically important information could tell you that your gluten-free lifestyle and gut healing protocols have not been completely successful.

*Included is the analysis of the test results and a 30-minute lab interpretation call with one of our qualified lab coaches.