Non-Toxic Wood & Furniture Polish Refill (1 Refill)

By Truly Free Home
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In stock

We skipped all of the nasty chemicals like ammonia, phosphates, and chlorine that give furniture polish such a bad name. Unscented and non-toxic, your new polish erases water spots, hydrates wood, and leaves a vibrant shine without any oily residue left behind.


Safe and effective on wood, leather, faux leather, vinyl, and many other hard surfaces.

Whats in it

Deionized Water, Alkyl-Poly Glucoside (plant-based cleaning agent), Dimethyl Siloxanes (naturally derived conditioning agent)


Whats not in it

Synthetic Fragrance, Dyes, Thickeners, zinc, formaldehyde, phenols, butyls, pine oils, propellants, aerosols, distillates, petroleum